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Department of Economics
Future Perspectives

Economics, also known as mother of business, comprises most of the basic concepts of business. As a result, graduates of the Economics Department are often the industries’ much sought-after talents when it comes to head-hunting. Economics graduates are fully qualified for whether the positions in financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, futures markets, and security banks, or the jobs in regular companies. Through the Department’s well-rounded education and training, students are developed solid analytical strength and critical perspective which not only prepares them for the coordinate and organizational jobs during the course of their employment, but also be of significant help for those who seek a higher degree of study.

Moreover, National Tsing Hua University’s distinguished achievements in the fields of science and engineering plus its immediate reach to the Hsinchu Science Park has provided the Economics students with an easy access to the cutting edge of technology. The current trend in Taiwan’s economy is toward the industries of semiconductors and information technology—industries that are in desperate demand for talents with multi-credentials. The intellectual illuminations and the practical trainings given to the Economics students in the College of Technology and Management are precisely geared to such demands, which in turn provide the students with strong competitiveness and qualifications for their future careers.

Our alumni, who have already established a solid reputation in a wide array of business circles, continue to do extremely well on the job market. Many of them are active in industries such as security, financial, insurance, investment, electronics, and optoelectronics. Several are engaged in careers in academia or hold important government positions. Others work in occupations of information, telecommunication, engineering, architecture, etc.