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Department of Economics

One key feature of the NTHU Economics is the curriculum integration of economics theory and business management. While others were still propagating the ideas of knowledge economy, we, as forerunners, have already taken the lead to put them into practice.

1. Diversity
Research and coursework at the Economics Department have benefited from the close cooperation with other departments in the College of Management and Technology as well as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. That economics courses are open to all students regardless of their major studies provides Economics students with a chance to interact and communicate with peers in varied educational backgrounds, thereby creating a diversified learning environment. Reciprocally, Economics students are encouraged to take courses in law, management, and quantitative methodologies offered by other departments in the College of Management and Technology. Besides, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide range of language courses, such as Business English, French, German, and Japanese, all taught at different levels that are tailored to students’ needs to enhance their competitiveness.
2. Opportunities for International Exchange and Practical Learning
In the face of the global challenges and the ever-increasing international competitions, the Department has been coping with the school’s current guideline on international development to encourage students to apply for opportunities for international exchange—such as the scholarships supported by TSMC Education Foundation and MediaTek Inc., etc. Also, the Department is actively seeking the outside resources and the corporate cooperation in order to offer students chances of internship to gain relevant professional experience at a number of the Department’s associated corporations, such as Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Masterlink Securities Corporation, as well as firms and companies inside the Hsinchu Science Park.